Film: Blade Runner – The Final Cut

bladerunnerI haven’t seen a film in ages, then two in a matter of days.  

This is a two DVD set with some great extra features covering the main aspects of the film – especially good is the look at the images used to determine the “future” feel of the film.  The image quality is great – the Blu-Ray version must be astounding.

I do like the ambiguity the film evokes, especially about whether Deckard is a replicant (I don’t think so), but some things are still going above my head –  I don’t get the unicorn bit at all.   The film is not perfect by any means but it’s amazing that it got made at all given the number of people who wanted to influence how it was being produced.  Overall, though, it is stunning and the influence it has had is undeniable.

Best of all, it’s now available at your local supermarket for a fiver – get it now.

• Wikipedia:  Blade Runner


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