Famous Monsters of Filmland


A fantastic article in Empire – a look at the “all-time film geek” Forrest J Ackerman, whose love of sci-fi and horror films led him to create the Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine that inspired people like Steven Spielberg, Stephen King and Peter Jackson.  I’d never heard of either the man or the mag, so it was great to discover both.  The painted covers look amazing too…  Unfortunately they haven’t posted the article up online, but if /when they do I’ll link to it.

This comes from the 20th anniversary issue of Empire, which is well worth picking up – a ton of good stuff.  I swear it wasn’t that long ago they were celebrating 15 years.  [<reminisce> I remember getting the first ever issue;  it’s up in my parents’ loft somewhere…</reminisce>].  Over the years I’ve been a regular reader and a subscriber, but as trips to the flicks became less frequent, I stopped reading (nothing like having a child to limit your cinematic experiences to the Kids Club on a Sunday morning.)  Still, it’s good to dip back in.  Roll on a quarter of a century…


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