How Twitter works with (and for) the news

Ok, so I’m using Twitter to follow some people and am getting a lot of good links to stories as they appear in real time – it is working well.  This means I’ve gone beyond the “it’s just a lot of blathering idiots talking shit” stage.  Other people – such as Jay Rosen and Alan Rusbridger (editor of the Guardian) – use it to discuss the future of newspapers, and they have some ideas on how to use Twitter within a news organisation.  As I work at the Guardian, it is interesting to know the direction we are heading in editorially.

Here’s Alan Rusbridger:

Expanding on his points in the video, he has spoken recently at length about Twitter and the benefits he believes it can bring.  Here is how the introductory article sums it up:

Rusbridger confessed that he couldn’t see the point of Twitter to start with, but described an attitude within the Guardian of engaging with trends in technology which, although they might not seem related to the news industry, invariably end up being very significant. Look at what the technology journalists are doing – because that’s what the rest of the industry will be doing in five years. Guardian Tech has more followers on Twitter than the Guardian newspaper has readers each day…Twitter is both a source and audience for news and encourages a direct relationship between reporters and readers

Direct link to the full speech 

A couple of examples where Twitter has shown its benefits:

How Guardian Tech readers detailed Oracle and Sun’s buyups 

Guardian Tech Twitter feed passes Stephen Fry (the main point being that they now have more followers on Twitter than the printed paper has circulation.)

Probably the best discussion of this is between Jay Rosen and Dave Winer:

Can Twitter save the news? (direct link to the discussion – note that the audio quality is variable.)

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