Book: Outliers: The Story of Success


This is the kind of book that I started this blog to write about – a book that takes a simple idea and makes you look at the world in a slightly different way.  This little gem makes you wonder why this hasn’t occurred to people before. It all makes perfect sense and it totally riveting.

Short, and written in a very warm, conversational style,  the main idea is that innate talent is only a small part  in the success of people considered geniuses (genii?).  A number of other factors are common in all of the examples.

Just when you start to think that it might get a bit repetitive (there are only so many examples you need), the book takes a different turn by looking at what attitudes and environments are needed to encourage people to overcome challenges and perform to the best of their ability.  The chapter on education is highly convincing.  There are a number of times throughout the book where you think “if only we did things in this way, we would all be better off…”

Totally compelling stuff.  Highly recommended.


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