Springsteen on life and songs

bruceliveI read this in a new interview with Bruce Springsteen and thought it was interesting.

“…much of our life is spent running. We’re running, we’re on the run; one of my specialities… There is no part of yourself that you leave behind; it can’t be done. You can’t remove any part of yourself, you can only manage the different parts of yourself. There’s a car, it’s filled with people. The 12-year-old kid’s in the back. So’s the 22-year-old. So is the 40-year-old. So is the 50-year-old guy that’s done pretty well, so’s the 40-year-old guy that likes to screw up. So’s the 30-year-old guy that wants to get his hands on his wheel and put the pedal to the metal, and drive you into a tree.

“That’s never going to change. Nobody’s leaving. Nobody’s getting thrown out by the roadside. The doors are shut, locked and sealed, until you go into your box. But who’s driving makes a really big difference about where the car is going. And if the wrong guy’s at the wheel, it’s crash time. You want the latest model of yourself at the wheel, the part of you that’s sussed some of this out and can drive you someplace where you want to go.”

Bruce has done an interview with a guy from the BBC and it was broadcast on Radio 2. As that won’t stick around for long, the main parts of the interview also appeared in Observer Music Monthly. Both are worth checking out, although what he says comes across a lot more naturally when you hear him speak rather than when the words are written down.

• OMM: Meet the new boss

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