Vint Cerf on the “intelligent cloud”

Vint Cerf came to a lunchtime Q and A at work this last Wednesday – something I was not going to miss for the world.  Google’s post on the “intelligent cloud” left me wondering about Google’s relationship with AI.  So, given the chance, I asked Mr Cerf about it, concentrating on John Battelle’s jokey ideas that this may eventually turn the world into the Matrix(!)

Here’s part of his reply:

I don’t believe that we will see arising out of the current internet the kind of conscious artificial intelligence, but we will probably see the system become easier to interact with – for example, voice interaction is becoming increasingly easy to accomplish. I’m almost certain you’ll see products emerging that will allow you to orally interact with the network or to say something, ask for something, or demand something, or command something and have something happen. It might not happen right there, it might happen another place on the network, we may feel that this system is more intelligent because we are interacting with it in ways that don’t require us to point, click and type. The semantic web idea will make the internet seem more intelligent because we are extracting knowledge that other people put into it in a way that looks pretty intelligent.

Read some more of his comments:

• The Guardian: Vint Cerf visits the Guardian…


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