Film: Planet Terror

Planet TerrorIf you love exploding zombies, guns blazing, sexy women and the best damn BBQ sauce in Texas then this is the most fun you will have this year.

It’s now clear that this first part of Grindhouse is by far the best – beating Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof to a squishy pulp. As much as it pains me to say it, Robert Rodriguez is now officially the better of the two directors.

Add in the special effects to age the film stock, blatant liberties with the storyline and the amazing fake movie trailers at the start of the film, and you have an instant classic.

Planet Terror

The DVD has some entertaining extras – a 10 minute film school on how the movie was made and an interview with the two Grindhouse directors and stars of the two films at ComicCon (QT was seriously cool a decade ago, but these days his whining enthusiasm just does your fucking head in.)

I know it look me a long time to catch the film, but you should see it, like, yesterday.



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