Article: The Great Unbundling – Newspapers & the Net

Nicholas CarrMoving from the printed page, recognising and embracing the possibilities that the internet can bring are the way newspapers have had to develop over the last five years, in order to make their content more compelling to younger readers. Branching out beyond the printed word and static images into audio and video. Opening themselves up to comments, criticism and becoming more involved with and accountable to their readers than ever before. Becoming news organisations rather than just newspapers.

That’s what is needed to survive and prosper for an industry that is in long term decline (so we’re constantly reminded.) The main question is where the money will come from, and what the impact will be on the quality of journalism.

Nicholas Carr kicks off a “Newspapers and the Net” forum with a short article which sums up the issue succinctly. There is also a number of additional articles by others which build upon this piece.

Nicholas Carr: The Great Unbundling – Newspapers and the Net

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