The future of Free

A while back Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tail book and blog announced that his next book would be called Free, exploring “the most radical price of all — zero — in the context of the economics of abundance.”  So I knew the news that you could buy Radiohead’s new album for whatever price you liked, including 0p would appeal to him.  Here’s what he has to say.

I wonder how many examples of free he will find.   And I wonder if  there will be enough to fill a book, especially if we can follow progress online.  Hopefully it will first appear as an article in Wired magazine, but otherwise I think it will have to wait till it comes out in paperback.

Unless, of course,  he releases it as a downloadable PDF file.  We could name our own price.  He could rake in the cash when we all buy the t-shirt, mug and tickets to the book-reading tour.  That would be an experience worth reading about…


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