Podcast: Interviews with Innovators

I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while now and even though the subjects and people that come up are not necessarily what I would search out, they are normally interesting (I’m becoming more choosy in what I listen to podcast-wise and I’ve turned off more that a few half way through – hasn’t happened to this one though…)

The latest edition is talking with a guy setting up an airline offering “peer-to-peer” air travel – more like an air taxi service – rather than scheduled flights to larger airports. It’s worth commenting on because of the detail he goes into about what was necessary to figure out before they could launch the service (some heavy duty maths…) This is a brave move considering this has not been done before, even if the idea has been around for a while, as they have to wait and see if there really is a market out there for the service.

It reminds me of a recent National Geographic article on swarm theory, which is kind of linked, which is worth a read too…

Update: Here’s another article about algorithms in business:


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