Article: How Microsoft conquered China

How Microsoft conquered ChinaFollowing on from Jack Ma’s comments about the failure of Google, Yahoo and Ebay in China, here’s a piece from Fortune magazine on how Microsoft has fared.  Spooky how things come together… The secret to success seems to be working closely with the Chinese government and putting your principles on hold when it comes to human rights and freedom of speech.  When asked about these, Bill Gates responds:

“I don’t think I want to give an answer to that”

He knows he is about the only person in the tech industry who could get away with not giving an answer.  The unspoken truth for businesses is that when there is so much at stake financially, you can choose to turn a blind eye to anything if it works in your favour.  It sounds like Bill’s conscience is telling him that it is better to give no answer at all than give some half-arsed excuse.  Anyway, that’s what employees are for…


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