Film: An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient TruthI finally saw An Inconvenient Truth recently and thought that it did a good job of putting across the message about global warning. Al Gore presents it with passion and some humour, and the figures are clearly displayed so that there is no way that they can be mis-construed. Its good to see someone of Gore’s stature dealing with this subject and making giving it such a high profile. He has the benefit that most people believe that the world would have been a better place if he had become president of the US and he hasn’t had a chance to get tainted by politics – not internationally at least. He has chosen his subject and it is one that resonates with people everywhere. A return to politics now would water down the effect he is having and all the momentum he has gathered, because he would have to deal with all the other details involved in running a large country.

I still find it a bit strange that people have to be convinced that action is necessary, but this is primarily aimed at an American audience. The film keeps the message concise and you feel moved to take action by the end. A success and a must see, but it is only the start – this film (and the related concerts) is a foundation to build on, not the end of the story.


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